If you’ve ever experienced any issue with your home at all, you’re probably used to the struggle of finding a dependable technician to work on your home. On one hand, you want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, but on the other, you want the job to be done right and for an affordable price. When it comes to your home’s plumbing, issues may be even more urgent if the integrity of your home is at risk. For example, if you have a water leak and don’t know what to do, you’re going to need a plumber to get to your home and get the job done quickly. To help you refine your search, we’ve outlined some of the top qualities of a great plumber.

They’re Prepared

There’s nothing more frustrating than a plumber coming to your home unprepared. Not only does the job not get done when you were expecting it to, but you’re left in a weird situation where you don’t know whether you should call another plumber or trust the guy you already called.

They’re Transparent

Another crucial aspect of any plumber is their transparency. When you talk to a plumber, does it seem like they’re telling you the truth or are they telling you things just to keep you calm and compliant? If you think the answer is the latter, you may want to investigate more be for investing your money in them. Transparency also means being clear and concise about how much their services cost. If they’re constantly trying to upsell you or don’t directly state how much a service costs, that’s a huge red flag.

They Have Credentials

Although you may think it’s a rare occurrence for a plumber to operate without being licensed, bonded, and insured, you may be surprised to find that it’s actually fairly common. Before doing any business with a plumber, we highly recommend asking for their credentials. If they don’t have the necessary credentials, it’s best to move on to a different plumbing company.




They’re Experienced

Although “inexperienced” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad,” you’re still likely to have a better time working with an experienced plumber who knows all the ropes when it comes to providing homeowners with a great value. For example, an experienced plumber may be better at dealing with working under pressure in emergency plumbing situations or rare situations that an inexperienced plumber may not have had to deal with before.

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